Project Design:

A typical project begins with a meeting in the clients home to view the available space and to discuss the project at task. Wood types , colors , and  accessories will also be discussed.  Rough drawings, a proposal, and any needed samples will then be produced following the meeting. A second meeting will then typically take place to review the projects design and layout options. Using Computer Aided Design software, we're able to create accurate drawings to better demonstrate the final look. Let us design your dream project!

Wood Types and Colors:

Each piece is hand crafted with premium grade lumber and veneers. Although Maple, Red Oak and Cherry are the most commonly used woods in cabinets, you may choose from any wood species. You may also choose to incorporate many other materials into your project such as glass, metal, stone, or fabric. There is virtually an unlimited number of colors that wood can be stained or painted. We can match your new piece to any woodwork that you currently have in your home or choose a color that will compliment the atmosphere of any room. Beyond traditional stain colors, we also do specialty finishes involving distressing or glazing like the door photo below.

Cabinet Accessories:

You have the ability to choose from many accessories while designing your dream project.  We offer a full line of manufactured hardware that is competitively priced. Combine these products with our custom built storage solutions to maximize storage, eliminate clutter, and increase efficiency in the kitchen.

Door Styles:

The doors are typically the most visable part of the cabinet and therefore become the most important detail in defining the style of your cabinetry. Set up a design consultation today to discuss what style fits you best.

Finishing Touches:

It's the fine details that will truly make a project the show piece of your home. By strategically adding mouldings, accent lighting, carvings, etc. the design comes to life and the personality of the owner is revealed. Function is always the first thing to look at, but the finishing touches should never be overlooked.

Add a touch of Character!

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